Passes on Base
We’ve just added support for Base network to our Passes feature, so now you can create Membership and Digital Goods Passes from your dashboard, on Base.
Why Passes?
Passes are gateways to exclusive content and experiences, allowing creators to offer unique value to their community. These fully customizable passes enable creators and brands to tailor experiences and perks, catering to the diverse needs of their fanbase.

We believe that creators should have the flexibility to determine how and where to create their community. Therefore, we are providing creators with a myriad of networks available across all our features. Beyond the Base network, you can use Optimism or Polygon to create a Pass natively on Bonfire at a very low cost.

Passes are designed to cater to both Web3 and Web2 fans. Web3 enthusiasts can connect their wallets and mint membership NFT passes, while Web2 fans can seamlessly purchase a pass with a credit card and without a wallet. This inclusivity ensures that all fans, regardless of their familiarity with Web3, can be part of the creator's world.
Currently, you can use Base for 2 types of Passes:

  • Membership Pass: Bundle exclusive benefits and experiences over a set duration, perfect for major releases and campaigns.
  • Digital Products: Sell access to digital downloads, content bundles, and event tickets.

Visit https://www.bonfire.xyz/passes and create your first Base Pass today. For help, visit our Knowledge Base Guide on passes.

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Welcome to the future of fandom.

The Bonfire Team

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