Build a fandom-driven world
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The product you know and love, revamped to better meet your needs for better fan engagement and seamless fan onboarding.

A New Era of Fandom

The upgraded platform to go direct to fan, all wrapped in fresh new branding (have you seen our new website?)🔥 

We’ve revamped Bonfire to help creators, communities, and brands deepen fan engagement and increase loyalty and retention through features like Creator Feed, Comments & Reactions and Passes.

On top of that, we’ve made it easier than ever to onboard your web2 followers to your web3 community. Through building Import Subscribers, Bonfire Wallet, and Credit Card Checkout, anyone with an email can now be part of your Bonfire community with no prior crypto knowledge required.

Passes: Monetize your moments
Passes are gateways to exclusive content & experiences, allowing creators to offer unique value to their community. Create your own Membership, Free and/or Digital Good Passes.

Creator Feeds: A timeline for your creativity
Now, anytime you create a page, release a drop, or upload content to your Bonfire site, you’ll have the option to publish it to your own dedicated feed page and enable comments and reactions.

Import Subscribers: Build your mailing list
With the new Import Subscribers feature, you can now transition your existing email list from any platform directly to Bonfire

Credit Card Checkout: Crypto without the crypto
Now fans can directly purchase items using their credit cards—no need to buy ETH.

Bonfire Wallet: Onboard anyone
We’re seamlessly bridging web2 and web3 with an email-based embedded wallet for easy onboarding of web2 fans and secure storage of items.

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