Introducing: Bonfire Wallet
Seamlessly bridging web2 and web3 with an email-based embedded wallet for easy onboarding of web2 fans and secure storage of items.
Today we're delighted to reveal a significant upgrade aimed at simplifying the journey from web2 to web3: the Bonfire Wallet. This email-based embedded wallet is designed to offer a seamless onboarding experience for creators and more importantly, their web2 fans, virtually eliminating the hurdles commonly associated with web3 adoption.

With the Bonfire Wallet, fans can buy items on Bonfire and securely store them without the need for a self-custody crypto wallet. The process is automated, so when a fan signs up with an email on your site, we’ll automatically generate a Bonfire Wallet for them. This means they can purchase your collections, safely store them in their Bonfire Wallet, and use their wallet to unlock gated content and experiences. And, whenever they’re ready, they can transfer their items into a self-custody wallet.
Purchased items will be found under the Inventory tab in Profile. For more details on using a Bonfire Wallet, visit our guide.

This update embodies our commitment to providing an accessible and intuitive user experience. Tomorrow we’ll be announcing a Part II to this feature, which will continue to help you grow your collector base beyond the crypto-native community.
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Thank you for choosing Bonfire.

The Bonfire Team
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