Introducing: Credit Card Checkout
Back-to-back with another feature to enhance your Bonfire experience for both creators and fans. Following our introduction of the Bonfire Wallet, we're excited to announce Credit Card Checkout on Bonfire.
Why Credit Card Checkout?
Traditionally, entering the web3 space required you to purchase ETH, a step that posed a barrier to many potential fans and participants. With Credit Card Checkout, we're removing this hurdle. Now, fans can directly purchase items using their credit cards—no need to buy ETH.
Lowering Barriers to Entry
One of our goals is to make the journey from web2 to web3 as smooth as possible for both creators and fans. The combination of Credit Card Checkout and Bonfire Wallet drastically lowers the friction and barriers for fans who want to participate in their favorite creators' web3 ecosystems. It's never been easier to get involved.

Empowering Creators and Fans Alike
Credit Card Checkout is not just for fans. This feature empowers creators by broadening the reach of their communities. Whether you're web3 savvy or new to the ecosystem, Credit Card Checkout makes it easy for everyone to participate.

Enabling Credit Card Checkout is just a few steps, and embedded into the Drop creation process you already know in NFT Drop > Import Contract. You can even enable it retroactively for past Drops that are still live! For more details, check out our guide to import a contract and optionally enable Credit Card Checkout. Keep in mind that you will need to go through KYC in order to complete this step. For any remaining questions regarding Credit Card Checkout, read this FAQ section or send us a DM.
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The Bonfire Team
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