Introducing: Passes
We’re thrilled to unveil Passes, a new way for creators and brands to deepen engagement with their biggest fans and better monetize on Bonfire. Meet our first two new pass types: Memberships & Digital Goods.
At Bonfire, our mission since day one has been to leverage the new properties web3 brings to the web, to help bring creators closer to their biggest fans in a way that preserves their independence, creative freedom, and control. Today, we're excited to announce a major step in that direction with the launch of Passes.
What Are Passes?
Passes are keys to creator-owned worlds of gated content, exclusive access, and unique drops and experiences, for web3 and web2 fans alike. Passes on Bonfire aren’t one thing - they’re a new infrastructure powering access and commerce across Bonfire sites, and we’re debuting them today with two new pass types, to accompany our existing Gates feature: Memberships & Digital Goods.

  • Memberships: Create tiered memberships, or season passes that grant exclusive access and benefits for a set period of time, e.g. around major releases and campaigns.
  • Digital Goods: Sell access to content, pages, drops, or any set of files. Think digital downloads, tickets, content bundles, and more.
  • Gates: These two new offerings accompany our existing Gates feature, which continues to allow fully customizable access requirements by combining multiple rules and requirements. With the introduction of memberships, Gates are now a tool to offer alternative access paths to anything you create on Bonfire.

Benefits of Passes:

  1. Endlessly flexible: Passes are designed to be flexible, from duration and requirements to perks and benefits, catering to the unique needs of every community.
  2. Cross-platform by default: Because every pass is onchain, pass benefits and access can easily extend beyond Bonfire into the large and growing ecosystem of web3 applications, along with some traditional creator staples like Discord, Shopify, and Ticketmaster. Further, creators can use any existing collection Bonfire supports as membership passes, making onboarding your community to Bonfire as simple as pasting in a collection address.
  3. Accessible to all: With email sign up and credit card checkout, web2 fans can join in as well, with a familiar experience requiring zero crypto knowledge.

Now, any creator or brand can use Bonfire to create a branded hub to engage with and deepen relationships with their core fans, regardless of their familiarity with web3. If they monetize with native passes, Bonfire will keep a small percentage of sales (5% for free, 3% for Pro) to help fund ongoing development. This will not apply to passes created with imported collections, which will continue to be 100% free for creators.
The Future is Direct to Fan
Bonfire's vision is encapsulated in the core belief that creators should be the platform, rather than beholden to them. Web3 makes this vision possible, and we strive to build tools to make it a reality. We believe NFT-powered access passes and memberships represent a profound advancement for creators, enabling them to build unified cross-platform communities, while retaining full ownership of their content, revenue, and valuable fan data.

We believe passes are a meaningful step towards a better future for creators, but today is just the start. Our main focus in the coming weeks and months will be to make passes a world-class tool for community building and fan engagement, and we'll need your help to get there - if you have feedback, requests, or ideas for how we can evolve passes and the use cases they unlock, our DMs are always open and we'd love to hear from you :)
Explore Passes today and see how they can transform your fan engagement strategy. To get started, you can visit our Knowledge Base Guide.

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Welcome to the future of fandom.

The Bonfire Team
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