Re-Introducing Passes, Now on Zora
We are thrilled to announce that Bonfire Passes are coming to Zora Protocol! Creators on Bonfire can now earn protocol rewards (even on free passes), price and earn in USDC, and tap into Zora’s vast distribution network to get their passes in front of more users.
Zora Pass Creation
Starting today, new passes created on Bonfire will automatically use the Zora Protocol under the hood, offering several new benefits creators will already be familiar with, if they’ve ever used Zora:

  • Protocol Rewards: Maybe the biggest benefit is that creators on Bonfire can now take advantage of Zora’s protocol rewards, which has already paid out > 2,000 ETH and counting to creators.

  • Earn in USDC: You can now price your passes and earn in USDC in addition to ETH, with support for additional ERC-20 tokens coming soon.

  • Distribution: Passes created on Bonfire will now show up automatically on Zora.co (and under your Zora profile), as well as the numerous platforms indexing Zora collections, including Farcaster, Mint.Fun, wallet apps, and other web3 discovery and minting platforms.

Lastly, given Bonfire’s position at the application layer of the consumer crypto stack, we believe strongly in the importance of protocols offering permissionless business models for applications that build on top. This move reflects our commitment to this protocol-aligned model, enabling Bonfire and other web3 applications to build more sustainable futures while allowing us to align ourselves with the premiere protocol for creators on Ethereum.
Price & Earn in USDC
Creators can now price their drops and earn in USDC, offering greater accessibility and stability in earnings. Thanks to our partners @crossmint and @decent, fans on Bonfire already had the option to pay with either a credit card, or with any token on any chain they’d like, but pricing your pass in USDC begins to open up that same flexibility for creators in giving them more control over how they earn. We’re excited to expand this support to more tokens in the near future.
Farcaster Mint Frame
We are launching our first Farcaster Frame, a frame to mint Bonfire passes directly on Farcaster. Farcaster is rapidly disrupting the web3 social landscape, and following on the footsteps of our Sign in with Farcaster support, we’re excited to deepen our integration with Farcaster with our first native Farcaster frame.
These upgrades represent a huge step forward in our commitment to support artists by leveraging the best of web3 technologies and the growing ecosystem.

To celebrate, we're offering a free commemorative mint of a Bonfire Zorb on Zora, using our new full integration with the Zora protocol. Explore these new features today and see how they can transform your community connection and engagement, and mint the Zorb to celebrate with us!

To get started, you can visit our Knowledge Base Guide.

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Thanks for choosing Bonfire.

The Bonfire Team